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The Healthcare Regulatory Research Institute (HRRI) aims to “enhance regulation in support of public protection.” To support the evolving needs of the healthcare environment, meeting regulatory requirements is necessary but no longer sufficient. Promoting public protection involves supporting and sustaining healthcare providers’ well-being and healthy practice through continuing competence via ongoing self-assessment and development.


According to the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) Continuing Competence Committee, healthy practice combines personal and professional well-being with the health and effectiveness of the practice environment (organizational supports/culture). FSBPT’s Continuing Competence Committee and researchers at Colorado State University are working together to develop a Healthy Practice Resource for healthcare providers. This will be an online, self-guided, evidence-based, modular resource with a strong psychometric foundation to encourage self-reflection, provide feedback, and connect providers with resources to support healthy practice. 

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