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HRRI Strategic Plan

For Well-Informed Decisions

Our mission: HRRI protects the public through regulatory research and collaborative exchange with strategic partners to promote evidence-based healthcare regulation.

Our vision: A world in which regulation ensures people can trust the healthcare that is provided.

New Technology Care and Delivery

Establish a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of emerging technologies.

Behavioral and Disciplinary Measures

Ensure the effectiveness of disciplinary measures and approaches.

Entry-Level & Ongoing Competence

  • Define competence/dyscompetence/incompetence relative to professional experience.

  • Determine logical points along the career path to measure competence.

  • Share evidence that supports the evolution of practice.

Workforce Issues

Ensure the collection and use of impactful workforce data​.

Practitioner Well-Being

Understand elements that influence well-being and its impact on practice.

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